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Article 1. Constitution-name, object and duration.

1.It is created, in accordance with the provisions of the law of July 1, 1901 and its decree of application of August 16, 1901, between the people who adhere to these statutes, a friendly having the title "GROUP 503" and the denomination of 'use "G503".

2.The friendly “GROUP 503” is a nature sports club. Its purpose is General Public Hiking and the development of the Audax Walk, both for its sporting practice and for the discovery and protection of the environment, tourism and leisure.

3.The duration is unlimited.

Article 2 Headquarters

1.Its head office is located at 60 rue Jean Mermoz - 77400 Lagny-sur-Marne.

2.It can be transferred by simple decision of the Board of Directors.

Article 3 Membership and ethics

1.The friendly is affiliated with the Fédération Française de Randonnée (hereinafter the Federation).

2. It undertakes to comply with the statutes and regulations of the Federation, as well as those of its Regional Committee and its Departmental Committee.

3.It may also join other associations, associations, unions or groups by decision of the Board of Directors.

4.It also undertakes to respect the sports ethics charter defined by the French National Olympic and Sports Committee.

5.On behalf of the association, the Bureau requests its Youth and Sport approval from the ministry responsible for sports.

6.The friendly refrains from any discrimination in the organization and life of the club.



Article 4. Composition and membership .

The friendly is made up of

1.Founding members, natural persons at the origin of the creation

2 Active members, natural persons up to date with their contributions and participating in activities

3 Benefactor members, natural or legal persons who pay a donation or an entrance fee and a special contribution

4. Honorary members, title awarded by the Board of Directors to persons who render or have rendered services recognized by the association. This title confers on those who have obtained it the right to be part of the association without being required to pay the membership fee or an entry fee.

Honorary members and benefactor members can attend the general assembly but do not have voting rights.

Article 5 Membership and membership fees

1.To be a member, it is necessary to be approved by the Bureau and to have paid the annual subscription. The membership request is made to the president of the association.

2.Each member must hold a license and insurance from the Federation for the current sports year.

3.Each member undertakes to respect the statutes and internal regulations of the association which will be provided to him on the day of his membership, along with the contact details of the president and the secretary.

Article 6.Radiation.

membership is lost:

1. By resignation by simple letter addressed to the president of the association;

2.By death;

3. By delisting pronounced by the Board of Directors for non-payment of the subscription;

4. By exclusion pronounced by the Board of Directors for serious reasons, in particular by behavior causing material or moral prejudice to the friendly, an infringement of the articles of association or of the internal regulations. The member concerned must have been previously called to provide explanations, accompanied or represented by the person of his choice, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.  


Article 7. Composition, convocation and agenda.

1. The general assembly is made up of all the members of the association referred to in article 4, but only active members over the age of 18 have the right to vote.

2. The General Assembly meets at least once a year, and in addition, each time it is convened by the Board of Directors or at the request of at least a quarter of its members addressed to the President and the Secretary.

3.The convocation is sent at least fifteen days in advance, the agenda is attached.

4.The agenda is set by the Board of Directors.

5.When the general assembly meets at the request of its members, they themselves set the agenda.

Article 8 Operation

1.The general assembly:

· Hear the report of the Board of Directors on its management and on the moral and financial situation of the association;

· Approves or corrects the accounts for the closed financial year;

· Vote on the budget for the following financial year;

· Sets the amount of annual contributions and entry fees;

· Deliberates on the issues on the agenda;

2.The general assembly decides on the modifications of the statutes.

3. Only resolutions taken on items on the agenda are processed and will be valid.

4. After the agenda has been exhausted, the outgoing members of the Board of Directors are renewed, in accordance with the procedure described in article 9.

5.Deliberations are taken by show of hands by a majority of the votes of the members present and possibly represented. The validity of the deliberations requires the presence of half of the active members. If this quorum is not reached, a second general assembly is called, at least fifteen days apart, with the same agenda, and which deliberates regardless of the number of members present.

6. Voting by proxy is allowed within the limit of three powers per member present.

7. Minutes are kept of the general meeting signed by the chairman and the secretary and entered in a register provided for this purpose.


Article 9. Composition

Equal access for women and men to governing bodies must be provided for. The composition of the Board of Directors must in particular reflect the composition of the General Assembly.

1.The association is managed by a Board of Directors composed of at least three members, elected by secret ballot for three years by the general assembly. Its members are eligible for re-election.

2. The Board of Directors being renewed each year by thirds, the first years, outgoing members are chosen by drawing lots.

3. The electors are the full members of the right to vote within the meaning of article 7 of these statutes.

4 Any natural person, at least eighteen years old, of French nationality or of foreign nationality is eligible (provided that they have not been sentenced to a sentence which, when pronounced against a French citizen , is an obstacle to his registration on the electoral lists), enjoying his civil and political rights, member of the association, up to date with his contributions one clear day before the day of the general assembly, and holder of a license in validity of the Federation.

5.In the event of a vacancy, the Board of Directors will provisionally replace its members. They are definitively replaced at the next general meeting. The powers of the members thus elected end on the date on which the mandate of the replaced members should expire.

6.The Board of Directors may invite “advisers”, who have particularly interesting qualities or skills, to sit in an advisory capacity. They are bound by an obligation of discretion.

Article 10: Functioning and powers

1.The Board of Directors meets at least once every six months and each time it is convened by its chairman or at the request of a quarter of its members addressed to the chairman or the secretary.

2.The convocation is sent (by email; see Rules of procedure ART 4) at least fifteen days in advance, the agenda is attached.

3.The agenda is set by the president and the secretary. When it meets at the request of its members, they themselves set the agenda.

4.The Board of Directors is vested with the broadest powers to act on behalf of the association and to carry out or authorize all acts and operations permitted to the association, subject to the powers expressly and statutorily reserved for the general assembly.

5.It establishes and modifies the internal regulations of the association.

6.The presence of at least one third of its members is necessary for the validity of decisions.

7. Decisions are taken by an absolute majority of the members present. In the event of a tie, the president's vote is decisive.

8. Voting is by show of hands, except in special circumstances where voting by secret ballot appears necessary.

9. Any member of the Board of Directors absent, without relevant excuse, at three consecutive meetings, may be considered as having resigned.

10. Minutes are kept of the meetings signed by the president and the secretary. They are recorded in a notebook reserved for this purpose kept at the headquarters of the association.



Article 11. Appointment

1.The Board of Directors chooses from among its members, by secret ballot, its Bureau composed at least of a president, a secretary and a treasurer. The Bureau is elected for a period of three years.

2.The members of the Bureau are chosen from among the members of the Board of Directors. Retiring members may be reappointed.

Article 12. Jurisdiction.

The members of the Bureau are vested with the following attributions:

1.The President:

· He is responsible for executing the decisions of the Board of Directors and ensuring the proper functioning of the association, which it represents in court and in all acts of civil life.

· He makes the payments.

· He is responsible for declaring to the Prefecture of Seine et Marne changes to the articles of association, the composition of the Board of Directors and the Bureau and other legal declarations.

2.The secretary is in charge of convening notices and drafting the minutes, correspondence (and keeping the register prescribed by article 5 of the law of July 1, 1901).

3.The treasurer keeps the accounts of the association and, under the supervision of the president, he makes all payments and receives all sums; it proceeds, with the authorization of the Board of Directors, to the withdrawal, transfer and alienation of all goods and values.


Article 13. Resources.

The resources of the association are made up of:

1.The amount of entry fees and membership fees;

2. Subsidies granted by the State, local and regional authorities and public establishments;

3. Income from property belonging to the association, income from sales and fees for service rendered;

4.All resources authorized by the laws and regulations in force;

Article 14. Management.

for the transparency of the management of the association:

1.Accounting is kept in accordance with the regulations in force, showing an annual profit and loss account, the balance sheet and its appendices.

2.The annual budget is adopted by the Board of Directors before the start of the financial year.

3.The accounts are submitted to the general meeting within a period of less than six months from the end of the financial year.


4.Any contract or agreement between the amicale, on the one hand, and a director, his spouse or a relative, on the other hand, is submitted for authorization to the Board of Directors and presented for information to the general meeting. the closest.

Each year, it is justified to the authorities having mandated the grants, of the use of funds from all grants awarded during the past year.



Article 15. Modification of the statutes

1.The statutes may be amended by the general assembly on a proposal from the Board of Directors or at the request of at least a quarter of its members addressed to the president and the secretary.

2. In both cases, the proposed changes are included in the agenda and attached to the notice of the general meeting.

3. The modifications are voted in accordance with the procedure provided for in Articles 7 and 8 of these statutes. The validity of the modifications requires the presence of three quarters of the members of the general assembly and the majority of two thirds of the votes of the members present and represented.

Article 16 Dissolution

1. In the event of the dissolution of the association, a general meeting is convened specially for this purpose under the conditions provided for in Articles 7 and 8.

2.The validity of the dissolution requires the presence of three quarters of the members of the general assembly and the majority of two thirds of the votes of the members present and represented.

3.A person responsible for liquidating the assets of the association is appointed.

4.The remaining assets cannot be distributed among the members. It devolves either on the Federation, or on one of its Committees, or on a friendly affiliated or of the same object.



These statutes were approved by the constitutive general assembly of 12/19/2013.


In Pontcarré on 12/19/2013, the 5 founding members:


President :                   The Treasurer:                    The Secretary :

Georges FONT               Geneviève ESCALAIS               Christine ELBAZE


Technical advisers:

Guy Rousseau             Jean-Claude BOURINEAU






Signatures preceded by the words "certified in conformity"    

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