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G503 - GROUP 503



The purpose of these Internal Regulations is to specify the internal functioning of the club. It can be modified by the Board of Directors. It is intended to supplement the statutes of the association. In the event of any discrepancy between these and the internal regulations or in the event of interpretation difficulties, the statutes take precedence.


Article 1: The 503 Group offers  :


  1. The possibility for all the clubs of Seine et Marne, affiliated to the French Hiking Federation to become partners and to welcome their licensed representatives in order to train in the sports and endurance courses offered by the friendly, and to participate in the Audax marches, its training sessions and the Brevets de Marche passages.


  1. Anyone who is not already a member of a club affiliated with the Federation can choose to take their license directly with insurance from the G503.


Article 2 AUDAX market  :


  • endurance , at an imposed pace driven and controlled by road captains regulating the speed of the group. This, between two checks, is 25 km depending on the profile of the route, an average of 6 to 6.5 km / h for walkers.

The AUDAX march will be the primary activity of the G503 which will strive to respect the motto: leave together, come back together.


Article 3 Contribution  :


The General Assembly fixes the amount of the contributions.


Article 4: Convening of the general meeting  :


The notices are sent by e-mail except to members who have requested it by ordinary letter.


Article 5 Active member  :


  1. To be a member of "  G503  », You must be up to date with the valid license fee.

  2. The provision of a medical certificate is compulsory according to the law in force. It must be presented each year with the license application

  3. It is possible to be a member of "  G503  »By being the holder of a license from another federated club on condition of paying the subscription and providing the copy of the current license as well as the copy of the medical certificate according to the current law.  


Article 6 Guests  :


Occasional guests are welcome on our outings. As a legal person, "  G503  "Is guaranteed in civil liability for a first so-called"  test  ".  "  G503  »Cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident or incident during a second outing.


Article 7 Committees  :


  1. "  G503  »Can form Commissions or working groups responsible for carrying out specific actions.

  2. It is necessary to be an elected member of the Board of Directors (article 9 of the statutes) to be       responsible for a commission. Any other member can be a member of the said Commission.


Article 8 Responsibility of management  :


  1. The leader leads the hike under delegation from the club president.

  2. The leader is solely responsible for the choice of the route. It reserves the right to refuse any person who does not have the required qualities or suitable equipment, in particular depending on the weather.

  3. "  G503  "Declines all responsibility in the event of an incident or accident that may occur during a hike that is not included in the"  G503  ".

  4. The initiator of a hike made between members of the club but not registered in the program of "  G503  "Becomes an animator says"  fact  »And bears the legal responsibility for the release.

  5. Any leader with an obligation of safety towards the hikers whom he supervises.


Article 9: Outings:


  1. Good understanding and everyone's safety require that during an outing, no one precedes the host.

  2. Everyone must follow the instructions, especially when traveling on the road.

  3. If there are pedestrian crossings such as sidewalks, protected crossings or others, hikers are required to use them.

  4. On the road, walk on the side aisles. If they do not exist, walk in single file on  the left side of the road and in general, always follow the instructions of the facilitator.

  5. Road crossings must be done online, under the direction of the facilitator.

  6. If you have to isolate yourself, warn the queue manager by leaving your bag by the side of the path.


Article 10 Physical fitness  :  


Each member must be aware of his physical form. He must not embark on an exit of a level higher than his physical possibilities.


Article 11. Domestic animals  :


Their presence is not allowed during our hikes.


Article 12 - Outings with reservation  :


  1. When an outing is limited in number, registrations are validated in the order of arrival of the reservations with a deposit to the person in charge of the said outing. If after giving priority to members of "  G503  ", The number of places is not filled,"  G503  »Reserves the right to supplement by opening the exit to non-members who must be insured.

  2. In the event of withdrawal, all costs incurred for the  said exit is due by the person having registered if the person in charge could not find a replacement.


In Pontcarré on 12/19/2013, the 5 founding members  :


President  :                                        The Treasurer  :                                          The Secretary  :

Georges FONT                                  Geneviève ESCALAIS                                 Christine ELBAZE

Technical advisers  :

Guy Rousseau                       Jean-Claude BOURINEAU

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